Bob Belmont

Elven Ranger and naturalist

Player: Sam Level: 1
Class: Ranger Race: Elf Age: 100 Sex: Male Alignment: Neutral
HP Armor Damage
21 1 D8
Body (?)
Eyes Grey
Hair White
Clothes Yuag Leaves
Stat Name Value Mod
STR Strength 15 +1
DEX Dexterity 16 +2
CON Constitution 13 +1
INT Intelligence 12 -
WIS Wisdom 9 -
CHA Charisma 8 -1


From Mythagros
Found name on trunk from shipwrecked vessel

wears Yuag Leaf Armor, made from the Yuag tree

magic weapons from branches and sap of Elder Wood

Paired with large owl Darius Rucker

Rite of passage, 9 Circles (wolf, cougar, bear, eagle, dog, hawk, cat, rat, and mule)

Scared of dark side of island, rootfolk

“country mouse”, sheltered

- Legends of death/life cycle

Bob Belmont

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