Oved Locker

Elven Glitch Wizard and explorer

Player: Ian Level: 1
Class: Wizard Race: Elf Age: 100 Sex: Male Alignment: Neutral
HP Armor Damage
13 0 D4
Body Thin
Eyes Sharp
Hair Pointed Hat
Clothes Worn robes
Stat Name Value Mod
STR Strength 8 -1
DEX Dexterity 12 -
CON Constitution 9 -
INT Intelligence 16 +2
WIS Wisdom 15 +1
CHA Charisma 13 +1
I must learn the secret of Bob Belmont’s powers.
Pepper Lableija will play an important role in the events to come. I have foreseen it!

Oved Locker was born into Eyabel, a small Elven village in the Jagged Woods, near the edges of the Hungy Jungle and the Cronass Mountains (in an area known as The Three Borders). The village was small, and there were no other elven settlements in the area. Eyabel was self-sufficient and had existed as a humble home for centuries, but when Oved was a young man, the people of Eyabel began to struggle as the beasts of the Hungry Jungle were pushing further intro the Jagged Woods, making it increasingly difficult to hunt for food. The elders of Eyabel made a pact with the leaders a human town named Linvin, located at the base of the Cronass Mountains, south of Eyabel. An agreement was made that Linvin would welcome the elves of Eyabel into their town, and the elves would work in the human mining operations, digging for iron, flint, and coal, as well as collecting the stone for building use.

After migrating to Linvin, Oved worked in the mines, as most of the elves did. Though not very strong, he was smart, and had a knack for knowing which areas to mine into, and as such did rather well in his job. Not many of the other Elves of Eyabel did well in their new home. Most of the elves grew weak from working in the mines, which does not come natural to most elves. Without the forest to keep them strong and feed the natural elven magic, many elves died before their time, having lifespans more similar to humans than to elves. Oved’s parents passed in way in such a manner, as did the rest of his family and most of the other elves. After several decades, only a few elves remained in Linvin.

While mining alone down a tunnel, Oved broke through a stone wall to discover a large open area with cracks of daylight showing through from above. After wandering though a wide path, he turned a corner to fin an even larger clearing. Inside was an underground ravine carved into the stone floor. On a flat spot in the rock, near the waters of the ravine, he found a staff and an old book laying on a rug. The rug was handwoven in blue, with a single gold stripe. He grabbed the book and staff and felt an instant connection. Further up the ravine, he noticed a small cottage made of wood and rubble. An old human man was sitting outside, staring at Oved. The old man was calm in his actions, but he seemed mad. He approached Oved, and Oved fled, covering up the opening in the wall once he made it back into the mineshaft.

Oved returned to the mineshaft the following day, and broke through the same stone wall. But after walking through the path, he saw no sign of the man or the cottage, and the ravine was dry.

Oved read the book that he was found daily, studying it’s odd text that was at once both foreign and familiar. After some time, he realized that this was a spellbook, and he began to feel it’s power creeping into him. Soon he was able to conjure minor illusions and preform small spells. He shared this knowledge with his friends and with the Linvin elders, and they encouraged him to grow new powers, in the hopes of using them to help the town. However, not all of the people of Linvin were accepting. His home was vandalized and people would often whisper as he passed.

Oved was no long a miner, instead his time was spent studying and practicing his magic. Occasionally accidents would happen, such as burning small items or accidentally making animals invisible, but magic continued to increase. As his powers grew, so did the peoples fear. Many of his friends distanced themselves and he was sometimes openly harassed.

One evening, a large cave dragon attacked Linvin, burning much of the town to the ground. The people fled the town, grabbing only what they could carry and escaped into the Jagged Woods. Oved was with a large group of survivors and fared very well in the forest, able to use his natural elven abilities. However, while foraging for food, his small party was attacked by a pack of blackhorn lions. Oved was separated from his group. While alone in the Jagged Woods, Oved was visited by the spirit of his ancestor Ailwynn. Ailwynn guided him through the dangers of the forest and helped him to survive. Ailwynn taught Oved about his magical heritage, how his grandfather has been the most powerful wizard in Eyabel, as had many before him. Though he was too young to remember, he was part of an ancient line of elven wizards. Though he didn’t learn the magic of the elves, the magic that Oved learned on his own will be destined to become just as powerful, but he must put it to the test through a life adventure so that it can grow.

Weeks later, Oved came upon the remaining survivors of Linvin making camp. He stared at them from the trees, knowing he had a choice to make.He went invisible, and walked away, off to begin a life of exploration and adventure.

Oved Locker

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